Top Tips On How To Successfully Pitch To Potential Clients

Pitching to potential clients can be nerve-wracking for a number of different reasons.

What if they don’t like your product or proposal?

What if you forget your key points or miss out crucial facts?

If you’re planning on pitching to clients soon and want to ensure that it’s a sell-out success, check out our top tips for nailing it.

Know your facts

There’s no point in pitching a new product or business proposal if you aren’t well-versed in exactly what it entails.

Knowing your stuff makes you seem competent and will also mean that a new client will be more likely to invest in it.

Research the client well

Every client that you pitch to is going to be different and it pays to learn about them before you pitch something.

Find out about their company, the way they work and what motivates them.

This will enable you to tailor what you say so that it sounds more appealing to them.

They’ll also like the fact that you have taken the time to understand a little bit more about them.

Don’t rehearse too much

You may think that knowing your script inside out is beneficial but sometimes this can actually hinder your chances of successfully securing a deal.

Know your stuff, but try not to be strict with what you say.

It needs to seem natural in order to be convincing, and there’s nothing natural about reeling off statements that you’ve been practising for weeks on end.

Use positive body language

Exerting confidence is imperative when you’re pitching to potential clients.

If you don’t seem to believe in what you’re saying, how can you expect anyone else to buy into it?

Stand up straight and use your hands to be expressive about what you’re saying.

Listen to questions carefully

You’ve said your part and sold your service well, so now it’s time to answer the all-important questions.

Getting this part right is crucial to your success, so take your time with it.

Don’t worry about pausing and spending time to consider your answers.

This is much better than rushing and not giving the best response that you can.

Take your time, refer to your notes and answer in a confident and concise way.

No rambling!

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock is an award-winning business consultant and entrepreneur with a proven track record of growing businesses and skyrocketing revenues. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with Trevor today!

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