Tips For Managing Staff When Working Remotely

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digitised society, it is easier than ever for staff to work remotely.

A lot of jobs only require people to have access to a phone and computer, so working remotely is an obvious choice that can help companies save on some of their overheads.

When it comes to managing staff that work remotely, it can be slightly more challenging as you don’t have the daily face to face interaction that you have with people that work in your office.

These tips should help make it slightly easier though.

Don’t neglect chances for small talk

While the most important thing is getting the work done, there is no reason why you shouldn’t engage in some friendly chat with your remote employees.

This will help you to build a rapport with them and understand what they are like, so could assist you a lot with the way that you manage them.

It will also make them feel more comfortable, which could lead them to be more productive or raise issues as they arise.

Use video to communicate as much as possible

When it comes to gauging someone’s mood and feelings towards something, visual communication is key, so using a video calling service like Skype will help with this.

You should be using this the majority of the time, especially if you are talking over changes in project plans.

It helps you to build a better relationship with remote workers and helps your team to be more efficient.

Set aside time for one on ones

This is really important as it helps you to build much stronger relationships.

Developing a bond with people that work in the same office is much easier as you see them every day and speak consistently, so the need for one on one meetings isn’t as applicable.

When you are dealing with remote workers, there is less chance for casual conversations and the usual ongoing office discussions so one on ones become more necessary.

Set out a schedule for regular catch-ups and have a clear plan mapped out of what will be discussed.

Have at least one face to face meeting a year

Remote workers can make huge contributions to a business – they’re a cost-effective recruitment option and often tend to be more productive.

Despite the benefits of being able to work remotely, having some face to face interaction is vital.

Make a pact to meet up once a year to discuss progress and plans for the future.

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

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