Why Time Management Makes A Big Difference

Being organised with your time is a key skill to learn and utilise in all areas of your life.

The benefits are endless but we’ve got some of the best reasons to keep on top of your to-dos with proper time management here…

You’re more productive

Setting yourself a time limit and knowing what you want to achieve within that timeframe is a great way to be more productive.

The more you do it, the easier it will become.

When you allocate a certain chunk of time to a task it gives you a deadline to work to and eventually, you should see that it starts to become second nature.

It can make you less stressed

Managing your time so you can tick off all of the tasks on your to-do list can give you a sense of achievement and control.

When you have a clear itinerary and time limits, the level of stress that comes from juggling multiple deadlines can be greatly reduced.

In fact, the more stressed you get then the worse your time management will become – so keep calm and focus on using your time effectively and less time worrying about it.

Builds self esteem

Having the confidence to make a commitment to complete a task, and ultimately being successful in executing that task, can be a real boost to your self-esteem.

The resulting perks of those results can be great for you professionally and personally too, especially if it’s recognised by colleagues or friends.

Don’t be reticent about your achievements either – if you’ve managed to crack time management then share your tips and ideas with your co-workers who may be struggling with a similar challenge.


Life is all about balance, but if your time management is your Achilles heel then it is likely to be affecting your work life balance – and not in a good way!

Allocating time for yourself is so important; working all the hours going can be detrimental to your health and to your relationships.

Working too many hours can also lead you to make mistakes and require even more of your precious time to correct those errors.

Achieving your goals

Time management can help you in many ways, reaching your personal goals and targets through clever and effective use of your time is another super example of why this is a great skill to master.

Timelines for where you plan to be in your career in five, ten or fifteen years can be a good way to focus.

Short term goals and long term goals are both good motivators.

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock is an award-winning business consultant and entrepreneur with a proven track record of growing businesses and skyrocketing revenues. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with Trevor today!

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