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How To Build Strong & Lasting Relationships With Your Employees

The key to building strong and lasting relationships with your employees is all about making them feel important and valued.

A company is no greater than the sum of its parts and to cultivate a good company ethos is to add inestimable value to the company that money cannot buy.

Staff retention is a pressing problem that all companies face, in the modern world where high staff turnover is a problem, with some industries suffering from this more acutely than others.

Different companies take their own approaches to improving staff trust and creating that mutually beneficial partnership between employer and employee.

Different approaches will work for different people and it’s important to recognise that all your employees require different management approaches to establish that value and trust.

Rewards/perks scheme

Make your staff feel like they are being rewarded for their hard work and introduce a benefit scheme to help monetise effort.

When receiving little surprises when they produce good quality work, employees will feel spurred on to achieve bigger and better things.

Recognition of the smaller things produces a feeling of community in a company.

Frequent pay reviews

This is an important one that can sometimes be overlooked.

It’s important to recognise when someone is deserving of a pay rise.

This helps provide targets for your staff and builds the bridge of trust that helps raise levels of motivation amongst your staff.

When staff feel they have a clear pathway to follow they will be motivated to improve themselves and provide a good service to the company to achieve greater financial rewards.


Companies which provide the capacity for flexible working have higher levels of staff satisfaction than those which don’t.

Flexible working helps your staff to plan their days with greater autonomy which demonstrates trust.

Allowing staff the freedom to work from home and monitoring success through output rather than hours worked builds good relationships.

Compensation for overtime

Some companies are not good at compensating people when they go above and beyond.

To do so creates a two-way street of respect between employer and employee.

Employees can become resentful of an expectation to do overtime without sufficient compensation.

Making sure employees are feeling appreciated and valued when they offer to undertake extra work reaps benefits for the company as people are more likely to offer and provide dedicated support.

Being approachable

Approachable bosses make a difference to company culture.

Employees feel more at ease to make requests and provide feedback which creates a strong working relationship between both parties.

Those in charge should make sure they have an open door policy for employees concerns to allow people to make themselves heard and provide feedback without feeling they will be penalised.

Being family-oriented

Good employers recognise the importance of a good work-life balance and enable working mothers and fathers to balance the needs of their family life with their working life.

Being amenable to personal circumstances creates a good two-way relationship between employer and employee.

Everyone has family commitments that they need to attend to and it’s important to many people to have a job which fits in well with their family life to minimise stressful situations.

Follow this advice and you will be well on your way to establishing a strong working relationship between your management team and your employees.

Make sure these points are communicated effectively throughout your management team to establish a clear vision of best practice and how requests from employees should be dealt with.

Remember that a happy team is a productive team and all the focus on building relationships with your employees will inevitably contribute to the future success of your team. It is worth investing in your human capital!


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