How To Build Resilience In Your Sales Team

Forging a resilient sales team will help you to build an effective sales force capable of driving your company forward to greatness.

But how do you teach your team resilience?

Here are a few simple ways of forging sales success.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the crucial difference between a sales team which gives up after getting knocked down and one which learns from its mistakes and moves past them to bigger and better successes.

Resilience is about more than simply distancing yourself from rejection, it is about understanding what happened and why – enabling a salesperson to rebound from their failures with a new and improved mindset which fuels success.

Anticipate failure

Failure is an inevitable stop-off on the path to success.

When seen through this frame, you can teach your sales team that instead of expecting instant success they should learn to see their failures as a gateway to subsequent opportunities.

Encourage self-motivation

Of course you will want to motivate your team – but an essential cornerstone to sales success is the ability to self-motivate.

Encourage behaviours which are conducive with self-development, independent of their role within the company.

Whilst exterior motivation is a key component of generating sales, it could also make your team overly dependent upon it if they are not provided with the knowledge of other avenues of self-support.

Provide resources

A burn-out is the worst thing which can happen to your sales team, as it will not only lead to fewer sales in the short-term, but it will also affect the team’s ability to be resilient in times of trouble.

It’s vital to encourage positive conversations regarding performance and development in order to help develop more effective ways of getting the job done.

Restore a sense of control

A key factor of building resilience is encouraging your staff to understand that the power to succeed or fail is in their hands.

This habit can be encouraged by coaxing more timid team members to participate in discussions, while keeping your workforce informed about sales targets or changes in the business will help to reduce short-term stress and encourage your staff to stretch themselves and continually generate new ways of making that all important sale.

Build a strong community

Surround your sales team with those who push them forward – a supportive community will help fuel future success and encourage a dominant culture of resilience.

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

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